Undistorting Light

Summer 2013 [In the park on 55th street on my normal bench] I have been reading a lot about how we humans are alchemists and we can transmute energy at will. I have been going through my own struggle with a distorted belief of who I am and it has been very damaging and consuming lasting from my childhood up until now in my early to mid-adult life. It runs parts of my life from the back ground.I keep repeating the same situations over and over and over with no avail.

This is because I keep the same belief in my sub-conscious mind. It has become Who I am even though I consciously know this is not true. I have been doing much praying, meditating and reading over the summer. Many times has an article come up with these ideas of Light workers, Alchemists, and Healers I also read about being the source of my healing in order for it to happen.

I have been yearning to have a greater realized experience of my own on what this is all about. Tonight I got to have that personal experience of what this is about. By no means am I a master at this but at least I now have had the realization of how this healing works.

I believe the heart is the alchemist’s stone. Anything can be healed in the presence of pure Love. Anything can be realized as all there is, Love. Next time I am feeling any negative energy or having a negative thought I will STOP, CLOSE MY EYES, AND LET THIS NEGATIVE ENERGY INTO MY HEART AND LOVE IT. I will pull this feeling close to my heart. This is how I will heal God within me and then God within the rest of space that I occupy. These uncomfortable energies give the opportunity for me to be Divine Love and let my truth flow from my heart.

All there Is, is love. Everything that takes form and in some fashion or another is Love. Within your very being is the blueprint of love in true form, its absolute form. You are pulling distorted forms of love (Light) into your space and they are pushing themselves into your space. This is a natural law of Life known as the Law of Vibration. We call these forms many things; maybe it’s a false belief about you, a co-worker, a family member, or anyone you know. It could be a circumstance or situation in which you choose to have a negative reaction.

All of these are distortions of truth. Truth is another word for Love or Light. When these distortions are processed through the blueprint that is in your heart they no longer stay distorted forms of truth but are restored to their original state of pure Love. This is why you pull these distortions into your space in the first place, because they can only be restored through the blueprint of Love which resides in your heart space.

On the other side of this you will find yourself coming across positive experiences. These too are to be pulled into your heart space. In doing so you will raise your vibration, cleanse your spirit, and evolve soul even more so. Always are we evolving, always. So Love these positive constructs of Life just as much as the negative ones. Tune into gratitude, for both positive and negative forms of Light present you opportunity to express and experience your very being.

Go forth and consume all the distorted forms of light that enter your space with your heart and Love them wholly. It is not possible for them to stay distorted when they are in the presence of pure Love. Shine the light of the heart upon them and it will remove any distortion and allow the energy to be realized in its original form, as all there is and ever will be,  is Love

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