Adventures with Ashzar Benefits

Spiritually Guided Adventures are all about facilitating a space to assist you in harmonizing your very being with your personal truth, power, and ability to create your desires.

Together we will go to a place that is in your highest good for your path. We will discover, explore, examine, heal, clear, empower, and harmonize. You will be given the opportunity to explore new possibilities with the unique perspective offered to you by Ashzar. You may see things in a way that is entirely fresh and revolutionary on your personalized adventure of self-realization.

If you wish to gather intuitive insight on the world or another loved one, to provide clarity for what you may do to assist in your own way, we can address this as well, as long as it is in the highest good for all.

Benefit of a Spiritually Guided Adventures:

  • Empower yourself with confidence of personal inner wisdom
  • Energize and uplift your being with energy healing that trickles down into your life experience.
  • Receive personalized tools to assist you, i.e. imagery, meditations, parables, affirmations
  • Expand your potential as you break old cycles that have not worked for you in the past.
  • Heal on all levels of your being
  • Harmonize with your true nature
  • Feel centered and relaxed 
  • Experiences the Benefits of Reiki

During Adventures, if it is in the highest good I may connect with your personal Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Spiritual Masters, Star Family, and Beings that love you.

Just as Reiki is intelligent so is the spirit world and because we are beings of many layers often we are given what is needed to heal at the highest good in a given moment rather than getting exactly what we are asking for because we may be unaware of a different block within our-self. With this in mind, rest assured that all counselling and communications are always based in unconditional love.

These sessions are part of a holistic process of healing. As I have mentioned earlier Adventures with Ashzar are multidimensional and the information and energy received in session is not the stopping point. By harmonizing yourself with the grandest vision of who you are, you will experience the results throughout your daily life, moving you beyond blockages. 


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