Spiritual Reading

Are you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening?

Does it feel like no matter how much you understand the concepts of unconditional love and surrender, it is still difficult to integrate them into your daily life?

Have you found yourself living in moments of complete surrender only to face another internal block that you just can’t seem to overcome?

Let Ashzar guide you to the wellspring of healing love within your own being.

Come along with us on a journey of your lifetime as we explore the depth of your heart to discover and release those pesky blocks that keep you from living the joy filled life you desire.

In your Ashzar Adventure session, I will use Reiki healing, deep relaxation techniques, and imagery to guide you on a multidimensional adventure that will help you discover, heal and embrace the very essence of your being. Each adventure is designed uniquely for you. As Ashzar leads you into the cosmos, every detail of your adventure story holds a metaphor to the truth within you. Together we discover and heal your blocks, bring forth insight to the path in front of you, and harmonize you with the grandest vision of who you are.

As the Ashzar adventure unfolds you will feel the essence of the message entering your heart on a vibrational level. Knowing the path of surrender and love is not the same thing as living it. Because Ashzar Adventures penetrate your heart through metaphor and energy healing, the messages integrate into your life effortlessly and beyond the limitations of rational thought process.

At the end of your adventure story, I will help you interpret the adventure and find practical ways to integrate the insights into your daily life.

Each session is unique and designed perfectly for you. There are no limits to the places we will go on your adventure. Spirit guides each session with love and will take you to exactly the healing insights you need most in the moment.


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