What Reiki is not: A belief system or religion.

What Reiki is:

First, I would like you to understand there is a common term “Reiki” used to represent Life force, and there is the Reiki System of Healing. Let talk first about the common term.

The origin of the word Reiki comes from ancient Chinese symbols dating back to 221- 207 B.C., called Small Seal Characters (Tensho). The symbols break down into two characters: Rei and Ki. The written form of the symbols has evolved from that point but seems to keep the same basic concept or meaning in its definition.

The translation for word Reiki can be interpreted a few ways but they all have one meaning in common and that is Spiritual Wisdom Guiding Universal Life Energy. It is important to note that Reiki has different qualities than just Ki alone.

Ki is most commonly referred to as “Universal Life Energy.” This has been said in different ways throughout ancient history to modern times.  This is a list of words used throughout known history to represent Universal Life Energy:

Ho’omana – Hawaiian
Huna – New Age Hawaiian
Ki – Japanese
Ch’I or Qi – Chinese
Prana –  Sanskrit
Kundalini – Sanskrit
Rauch – Hebrew
The Holy Spirit – Christian
Orenda – Native American Iroquois
Ni – Lakota
Nilch’I – Navajo
Spiritus – Latin
Ka, Sekhem, and Hai- Djerit – Egyptian
Mana – Polynesia
Baraka – Islamic Countries
Pneuma –  Ancient Greek

Something to understand about Universal Life Energy is that it is not quite like normal electricity and for now its hard for humans to detect this in a measurable way based on our current model of the universe and the limitations of our technology.

Ki is non-physical energy that animates everything. I feel with the rediscovery of Quantum physics and the new Unified Physics we may soon have a better understanding of this Universal Life Energy.

Reiki is spiritually guided Ki. It is guided by divine intelligence that holds the master blueprint of creation. Reiki knows the highest good and understanding for all there is: Unconditional love, Free Will, Unity or Oneness, and Harmony.

Now there is the matter of the Reiki System to be discussed.