The New Me the New Way

June 2013

Today on my evening walk I realized that I cannot efficiently create the world I speak of because I still am trying to accomplish this with and through the old world. I am still trying to work the old system into a new way of being. This will not work. In order to create something new my actions must be free of the old ways of thought to bear fruit.

Creating a gentle, kind, loving, compassionate, joyful, and peaceful world will never be done in the confinements of the agreed upon (current) world. This world has been designed to function on lower vibrations such as Fear, Hate, Violence, Crisis, Separation, and Intolerance.

When we act within these frequency ranges or Judgments (beliefs) we continue to create more of the same frequency. In order to create something new we must elevate the level of vibration by acting outside and above the fear based frequency. What does this look like? First and foremost, Love does not discriminate. Love is for all of Life because all of Life is Love. Allow yourself the Love that is flowing through you without judgment. You are worthy and deserve all the Love the universe can supply, which is endless. No longer separate yourself from the Love that is already in your heart and Life space.

Now that you have taken down the boundaries that separate your Love from you, take down the boundary’s that separate you from any other being you coincide with. In order for you to create this abundant life of Love, Compassion, Joy, and Peace, you must not leave any soul out that is in your space. Be all-inclusive to every moment. By extending the virtue of your heart to every other soul in your space you will silently give them permission to extend it back to you and those around them.

Be gentle and patient first with yourself and then with those around you. It is no longer time to resist the Love in your heart space. Now is the time to let go of the old dis-empowering beliefs and embrace and create a new way of Life on Earth and in your personal space. This will only be done with an All-Inclusive capacity for all of the Life around you, which includes yourself first.

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