The Road Home


My Path So Far

I am you and you are me. Like you I have gone through struggles within myself and the struggles in day to day life. Every human on the face of the planet is going through the same process. We are all made in the image and likeness of each other and share the same experience of Soul, Spirit, body, emotions, feelings, blood, sweat, tears, laughs, smiles, and love but in our own unique way.

I am on my path home to self-realization. Like many others living today I have had an intense journey, and I feel like my journey has been a replica of the history and future of humanity in just a few short years, moving through self-destruction to unconditional love and harmony.

“As above, so below” are the most profound words I have heard in my time here on spaceship Earth. These four words explain the unity consciousness across all of known creation. The depth of this profoundness exceeds the logical mind. The higher understanding of this was shown to me through Gnosis.

I have been holding the immaculate conception for humankind this whole time. I have always seen the highest potential in people and keep this knowing now. This is one constant on my journey so far. Even after being sucked into the vortex of disconnection from my heart early in my childhood, this sentiment remains.

I have not always been on the path of peace however.

By the age of three the warrior inside of me invoked a love for Martial Arts and by the age of ten I answered that call to battle as I began my lifelong training in Martial Arts.

As a result of difficult family dynamics, much of my early life was filled with rage, hate, anger, and self-destruction.  Martial Arts became my center point- the place where I felt empowered and focused.

In my early 20’s, I spent a short time in the United States Armed Forces. I earned my Infantry badge, Jump wings, and was stationed in Alpha Company of the 325th 82nd Airborne Division (US ARMY).  I was honorably discharged before my contract was up which was bittersweet for me. My soul was being called towards a more peace-filled life but I still had a war from within to settle.

Returning from the army, I redirected the warrior instinct within me to Martial Arts, focusing on Bushidokan Karate where I trained to be a professional fighter. The battle within me was taking its toll on my body; several injuries forced me to redirect my attention to the battle within me.  My inner conflict and self-hatred was raging. I was using drugs, alcohol, and intense physical training to avoid experiencing the internal pain.

My world view that I had taken up from my earliest age created such self-loathing and a sense that I was unworthy of love. Eventually this inner war lead to an attempt to end my own life.  In that moment, as I stood on the threshold of death and life, with the doors to my deepest pain swung open, love filled my heart. As I lay on the grass, prepared to die, the love for my family and friends struck my heart and brought me back to life, so to speak.

This was a turning point, the point at which I chose to live, to heal, and to serve this world with love.  It has been a long road of recovery.  The pain of my childhood led me to the brink of death and in that space, my heart opened to remember who I truly am. It is known that we must first know who we are not before we may know who we truly are.  I traveled the path of self-destruction as much of humanity has and now I am on the healing path. This path leads to full integration and remembrance that we are already perfect. At this point healing is no longer needed. Then we may move on to embodying pure love. In doing so, we bring harmony through consciousness to all of our experience and creations in every moment.

Through my journey, I have learned much about how we function as humans and how we are governed by universal laws of creation (none of the likes are manmade).

Even my martial arts training has taken a turn to reflect who I am now.  I have been studying the Art of Peace also known as Aikido and its sister style Shinwa-Taido (Natural Affinity to the Bodily Way).

May path of healing has led me to many people and experiences that have supported me in understanding myself. I have discovered my inner beauty and learned to love myself and to accept the love of others.

I have also had my own communication with the divine. I cannot shrink the experiences of this communion down into words to express its totality. I can tell you the overall message of my experience is that God does exist and that God’s love for all of creation is beyond comprehension or imagination and it is for EVERY part of creation down to the last drop.

The point of all of creation is to experience this love in form. If I could give anyone a single gift I would choose the gift of experiencing pure unconditional love. It is such a wonderful gift to experience. It transforms ones very being.

We can only recognize in another that which we see first in ourselves. The path of oneness is to observe and experience All That Is through the looking glass of love. Life is not about the light being better than the darkness. Light cannot exist without the shadows it casts. That is to say, the light cannot be experienced if it were not for its opposite, Shadow. My journey to embracing both the light and the dark within me has guided me to an experience the truth of unconditional love. This is the love I wish to guide you to find within yourself.

I am here to share my essence with you in hopes you may gain from my experience and gifts.  One thing that I was born with is the knowing that we can do better by ourselves and by one another, and have the capacity to meet my intention for those who resonate with this. Humanity has been perpetuating a story about the nature of itself of violence, abuse, separation, and hatred. This is not the true nature of humankind. Despite all I have seen with my own eyes and been through with my own body because of this inaccurate cultural story of the nature of humanity, I have never given up on this knowing.