Introduction of Ashzar and his services to creation

In my training while I was working with my clients it was suggested many times that Ashzar is so much more than a tool to be used in my unique intuitive story telling spiritual guidance.  A few suggestions were a major motion picture trilogy as well as children’s books.  These ideas are also in conjunction with my original inspiration to create a divine comedy for beings within this work of working with light and Spirit.

I am open to the idea that this comes as it will best suit its intention which is to spread the principles of universal law and unity consciousness. I started to write this out for youth and this is the rough idea of the initial scene in which I will introduce Ashzar to be a character in a story.

Once upon a time in a place not so far away, there lived a being.

This being was a very beautiful being who lives in the ether- a place of pure divine magic.

This being is made of pure creation energy and has all the power of its creator. It has the power to create anything and give its creation powers to others but its greatest power of all is the power to love all of creation.

When you look at this creature you can see so many amazing colors: Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green,  Gold, White, so many more,  and the blending of all of them put together.

This creature is pure magic that can take any form and travel anywhere. When it does change shapes, its favorite shape, not because its better but because its very familiar, is that of the male or alpha energy.

He likes to be seven to eight feet tall,  and his eyes are made of crystal and are as deep as the universe is vast, filled with pure love for all of creation, wear long blonde hair,  if he can get away with it, has huge beautiful etheric wings filled with all his colors. He is such a majestic and beautiful being you have to look at him at least twice just to make sure he is a male.

Meet Ashzar.

One day Ashzar was spending time in his own world he created. This world is created of the light and is very majestic. It’s a place Ashzar loves to visit on his free time.

While in his own creation Ashzar is called upon by his beloved creator. “Ashzar my beloved, come be with me; I have a very special gift for you”

Ashzar is a being made in the image and likeness of his creator. They are of the same essence just like all of creation. The creator knows all, can take any shape and can travel anywhere in creation just like Ashzar.

“Yes, my beloved creator” Ashzar asks as he  blinks into the presence of his creator.

Ashzar likes it when the creator looks like he does with a little twist. The creator always matches how Ashzar looks but only uses gold and white light.

For the first few moments, no words are said between Ashzar and the Creator.

They gaze upon each other in wonder, feeling the unbreakable love they have for one another, and celebrate this love playfully in joy.

With sparkles in their eyes and love in their hearts the, first words of this gathering were spoken.

“I love you beyond imagination, my beloved Ashzar,” said God

“And I love you beyond imagination, my Beloved,” replied Ashzar

Then for a just a quick moment that felt like eternity God and Ashzar held each other in a warm glowing embrace. Those beings looking up into the stars that moment saw a bright flash of light like a start bursting into creation.

“Ashzar, there are other beings in my creation that have chosen to forgot where they came from and who they are. They have forgotten that I love them just as much as we love each other and that nothing can break this bond,” God said

“They chose to forget this bond for the excitement of experiencing the remembering of the love we share.”

“Just as with you, I have placed within every being a divine light that only needs to be sparked so they may remember this unbreakable love we all share.

“If you will it my beloved Ashzar, Now is the time to spark those divine lights. Would you like to travel all of creation to help your brothers and sisters who are ready, and spark this light within them to reunite them with me and remind them of the love we share?

“Ashzar, what I am asking of you will take all of who you have become and it will not be an easy path but I promise you that we will succeed in reuniting your brothers and sisters of creation with this love we share and with each other.”

“Oh my beloved Creator, what a gift you have given me. It will be my highest Joy to unite creation with you and the love that we share,”Ashzar said.

“Wonderful!” the Creator said with great joy.

“Ashzar, you will need help with this task and it will take eons of time, though again I promise we will all reunite in love once more. Go now and seek any who wish to join you in this joyous adventure.”

Ashzar was filled with so much love and joy he busrt into brilliant multicolored drops of liquid light all over the creator.

The creator was highly amused and let out a great laugh as Ashzar pulled himself together.

Ashzar went forth through all of time, space, dimensions, planes, heavens, and magical kingdoms to gather all of his brothers and sisters  who knew the love of the creator and asked with great enthusiasm for volunteers for this quest.

To everyone’s great surprise and glee Ashzar was able to gather millions upon millions of beings from the Heavens down to help assist him with his adventure.

Not all of the beings Ashzar gathered together where from the ether or heavens. Some where from the stars, planets, and some from a planet called Earth. So all of the beings worked together to create a large space fleet to carry everyone around and through all of creation.

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  1. Tell me more! Your Introduction to Ashzar has captured my imagination and curiosity. I can already see beings of all ages drawn into the “story”, experiencing and growing with each adventure.

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