Preparing for an Adventure with Ashzar

Great! You have decided to embark on an empowering Adventure with Ashzar! Here I will recommend a few things to get you prepared to get the most out of your experience. It will not take much preparation but take note that this preparation is an act of investing in yourself and that is a step onto the path.

Right before a session it’s important to get yourself comfortable and relaxed as much as possible. When you embark upon a Spiritually Guided Adventure your first task is to put aside any thought, judgment, expectation or image of what you are about to experience. Allow yourself to just “be brought along on a journey.”

Hold the mindset of a curious excited child and allow yourself the freedom to think, feel, and encounter the adventure however it renders itself. By doing this you have already just lifted the ceiling off of your thought patterns. You have already expanded just by preparing in this way for your Adventure with Ashzar!

Adhering to that which is literal confines us.  Relinquishing and surrendering to the imaginary and loving vibration of the communication activates our creative mind, opens our heart and emotions, and that is where the solutions to our problems lie. This is the key to an Adventure with Ashzar.

Now, no matter what your are choosing to heal or how you are choosing to take the next step toward embodying the next grander vision of yourself I suggest hoping over to the Principles of Healing and at least skimming through it. Consider this Adventure as a layered process that will reveal itself to you in your experience of your life as you move ahead.


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