Healing 101

There is so much more that can be talked about within these keys to our path but this is simply an overview that you may check-in with to help assist you on your path.

Here are key principles to the path of self-healing:

When we make a choice to heal a certain area of our life we are making the decision to leave behind what is not serving us on our sacred journey anymore. Whatever it is we need to heal physically, emotionally, or spiritually, we are stepping on the path back to our natural state of being.

On this road it’s good to be equipped with some tools and knowledge to assist us so we know we are on the right path. I am going to provide a foundation or road map to accomplish just that.

Acknowledge the Bigger you~

There are many words to label the bigger you- Soul, Spirit, Higher Self,  and so on- and in order to fully embrace our path, we need to acknowledge our intuition that there is more than meets the eye to who we are.

If this is something new to you and you don’t wish to attach any belief system to this, I encourage you to dig deep within something you are passionate about to recognize this within you. You are free to use any language you wish but it is a mere acknowledgement and awareness that is important.

Know that you are a layered being~

We are vibrational beings made of many layers that are often referred to as Mind, Body, and Soul. These are three aspects of the totality that is you to experience physicality and beyond. Within these aspects are layers or systems ultimately made of energy.

When we become physically ill or dis-eased that is a sign that there is some dysfunction of the energy systems that make up who we are as human beings. Everything starts in spirit before it takes form. From spirit it works its way down into a manifestation.

On the path back to our natural state of being we tend to create disruption, agitation, dysfunction, and blockages within our vibrational being. When these events occur layers of blockage begin to build within all the systems that make you, you.

These layers can build up over lifetimes and most people refer to this as karma. When we step back on the path of healing we will start to clear all of our layers and this can take time. Often there is dysfunction that we are not even aware of that arises on this path. This dysfunctions needs to be embraced with love and forgiveness so our personal ki can flow again.

Know that re-membering our natural state is a process~

As you know now we are layered beings. I always read and heard about the strike of enlightenment for some and thought that this was how enlightenment would come. After experiencing the layers that I am I knew there was also a different path. This path is one of harmonizing layers upon layers within systems of the vibrant being I am.

The path home to our natural state of being is a process. Consciously engaging in this process is the best thing you can do for yourself and the world. By doing so you become authentic, reclaim your truth, and gain the power of love that is our birthright.

 Intention is everything~

Our total state of being, that is the state in which we are vibrating, is how we create our experience of who we are. Sincere intention with your self is all you need to get the ball rolling for you. If we maintain an intention, no matter any circumstance, the universe must respond to it and create this experience for us.

Now remember this is a process and the process is layered. So, we must hold our intention through all of the detoxification, healing, and harmonizing on our way to the intention we choose.

 Trust the process~

I personally had to hear this a billion times and will have to hear it a few more before I totally integrate this principle within my being. We acknowledge our big self and let me tell you our big self is looking out for your highest good on your path. This is something I encourage you to know for yourself through your own exploration and experience.

One way that was helpful for me to let this sync in was to know in my heart that I trust myself to know my experience is best for me and it is leading me to where my intention is going. The longer I hold this belief as my truth the easier my path gets.

It also becomes more joyful because I can more effortlessly move along the way, as I know situations, emotions, and events that are uncomfortable are just a passing of what is not true for me any longer.

This is a process. Trust in this process.


Harmony is the agreement of all parts. There is no conflict within their movements. I like to say that “Harmony is balance in motion.” When we look at a balance scale it does not appear to be moving but this is not true at all. All there is, is Energy. Energy is always in a state of change and it is always vibrating. Nothing that is energy can truly be still.

The path back to the natural state of being requires harmonizing the totality that is you: your Mind, Body, and Soul. As we set our intention to be on this path we also need to allow our thoughts, words, and deeds to come into harmony with this intention. If there is any conflict within our systems we will not experience our intention with ease and grace.

I have simply taken up the mentality to say Yes! to anything that comes into my awareness and go with it if it resonates within my heart space. If I do not resonate with it I speak my truth and move in harmony with it and move on to the next thing.

Invest in yourself~

Making a sincere declaration to yourself with the combined power of words and action about how you are going to invest in your intention is a powerful action. This will start the ball rolling because investing in your self is creating a space for your intention.

This can be something as small as taking up healthy eating, exercise, arts or crafts. This can also be something big like committing to a school, project, a healing retreat, a new hobby. Which leads me to…


We cannot give what we do not have. It’s that simple. If I come up to you and ask to barrow your submarine for the weekend, your answer is going to be “I don’t have one.” In our busy day to day lives, we can find ourselves running out of personal vitality.

When this happens we start to feel dysfunction within our own being and if we don’t take care of ourselves, we then become sick or ill. We cannot give what we do not have on every level of our being, not just what is physically being asked of us.

If you are emotionally distressed and you are being asked to be emotionally available it often does not turn out for our well-being.

The most important thing we can do for ourselves and the world is to know and express unconditional love of the self and be the most authentic person we came here to be.

In today’s times it is extremely important to take care of yourself and be strong so you can give that strength to others in these great times of change.

Know that it’s okay to seek help~

We are never alone on our path but we must be the ones to walk it. No one can walk our path for us but they sure can assist us and make it easier. One of my biggest obstacles was learning that it is okay to ask and receive help from others especially when it came to my emotions.  It took me a long time open up my most wounded place of my heart.

It’s okay to ask for and seek help. There are plenty of compassionate people who are around to aid you in your healing path.

No More Judgment (Ever)~

The path back to our natural state has NO place, I repeat NO Place, for judgment of any kind.  Do not confuse judgments with observations. Self-Judgment leads to the judgment of others and vice versa. Carrying judgments in our mind weighs heavily on our being. The amount of energy we give a particular judgment detirmines how much of a burden it will become.

Keeping judgments of ourselves and others in our mind is like walking around with a super heavy ball and chain on your path back home and it takes more energy to walk every step.

Observation is the acknowledgment of what is so without attachment to it. Observation is part of harmony; it is a way to say Yes! to what is going on within the moment. When we observe from our centered place of non-judgment we can act freely in any given moment.

We can freely move through situations that do not represent who we are and this allows us to move freely from unhealthy situations.

Meet your healer/helper/guide at least half way~

After you have taken time to consider the previous principals for self healing, make the effort to meet your healer halfway.

It really is you who are healing yourself; your help is just facilitating the means by which you can do that. By considering the principles I have listed here and following through with them in earnest, you can find yourself transitioning on the path back to your natural state of perfection. Humanity’s nature is love and perfection is humanity’s natural state.


I feel integrating new modalities, whether that is a new thought pattern or habit, is one thing that most of us overlook the importance of along this path. I know it has been for me. Integration of the tools and practices we study and learn about is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

If you are like me and you are impatient, integrating a higher concept of ourselves feels like it should not take much time and it’s something that happens overnight. This is where self-sincerity, intention, no more judgment, and self-care come into play.

Integrating takes self-sincerity and consistency. It is simply connecting in a way that best suits you with a new thought form, exercise, meditation, image, feeling, or habit,  until it becomes our second nature thus becoming who we are. It’s important to know ourselves well enough to know how we connect and learn. This process will take as much time as you need it too.


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