Fractal Illumination

In March of 2014, Sheila Applegate and I were spontaneously visited by  Arch Angel Metatron and a Galactic Being . In this visit we were gifted with a new energy technique called Fractal Illumination.

 In this visit we were gifted with a new energy technique called Fractal Illumination.

Since that profound visit we have been “in training” with this Galactic Being and Arch Angel Metatron to explore the multidimensional aspects of this powerful technique which is much more than a healing. Fractal Illumination ignites and illuminates the evolution process within . Now this gift  is ready to illuminate the world with the divine blueprint.

Lets break the name down of this Fractal Illumination technique to better understand how this works

  • A fractal is a natural phenomenon and a mathematical set. What they have in common is a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. If the replication is exactly the same at every scale, it is called a self-similar pattern.

Fractal FlowerBasically what this means is that no matter what size and scale the fractal is observed at its the same shape and pattern. If we where to blow it up as big as the sun or shrink it down to the size of an atom it will still hold its pattern.

The particular fractal we will be working with is from the blueprint of your soul. It is the divine cell in which we are created in the image and likeness of the creator.

Illumination is to simply bring light to an area of space. We take this fractal and use it to illuminate (activate) your original divine blue print. This divine cell washes away the old cellular memory by activating the divine blueprint and transmuting that which is no longer true.

Fractal Illumination ~ works on several layers and without physical touch.

The First phase~ resembles cranial acupuncture, in which an illuminating beam of light penetrates the Neural Circuitry  to release blocked memories and miss-beliefs. The Light harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain, and ignites  a higher consciousness.

The Second phase~ resembles cellular dialysis, releasing old cellular memories and upgrading the cells to the Vibrant Light Particle Frequency of the Highest Dimensionality (Vibrant New Earth/ Sirtar)

The Third phase~ focuses on the heart center, harmonizing this frequency with the body’s new frequency thus creating an illuminating Fractal Field.

This is a mere overview and each person’s experience is unique and perfect for their unfolding evolution.

Perhaps the best way to describe the process with you is to share with you some of the responses I have gotten from people who have participated in Fractal Illumination gatherings.

“Fractal Illumination…The group session I attended, led by Sheila Applegate and Zac Hansen, offered me new understanding about changing DNA through intention.  I felt a laser focus via light streaming through an oculus surrounded by intense ribbons of color which brought my crystalline nature into sharp awareness. This session provided a “missing piece” in my quest to align/change my DNA to be more conscious of my true, higher self.” –MAC, New York 

Please check Sheila Applegate’s Events page for information on upcoming Fractal Illumination sessions.

Fractal Illumination Gatherings are available around the world to inquire about hosting a group session near you please Contact me for more information.