Fractal Illumination Gatherings

Fractal Illumination is a gentle but profound technique which is silent and touch free. Though, Fractal Illuminations are deeply personal to each individual, they are offered in group settings. The group setting offers additional supportive energy that amplifies the experience for each individual.  These gatherings can be likened to  min- retreats. We choose the most relaxing  and sacred spaces possible for supporting your  illumination.

Fractal Illumination gatherings are fluid in nature with multilayered effects. Here are a few of the key elements you can  expect during your Fractal Illumination gathering.

  • Multiple Fractal Illuminations attunements 
  • Supportive healing environment
  • Guided Meditation
  • Intermissions for integration and relaxation
  • Community experience and collaboration
  • Q&A with Sheila and Zac

Fractal Illumination helps to ignite your  path to conscious evolution and is known to life altering effects.

In order to receive the fullest results from your Fractal Illuminations, we suggest that you hold this process in sacred reverence.  Nurturing yourself on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels both during the week leading up and following your Fractal  Illumination will help you to integrate this profound experience into your daily life.

Most people feel light and invigorated following their  Fractal Illumination. Because this is a profound technique which  impacts the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical bodies on a deep cellular level, some people have reported experiencing short periods of intestinal gas, sleepiness, and intense dreams following their Illuminations.  Some people have found that preparing for their Fractal Illuminations with a dietary cleanse helps to support the body during this process.  Please listen to your own intuition and consult a dietary expert if you feel guided to prepare for your Fractal Illumination with a cleanse. Remember nurturing and supporting your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies is essential to your evolution.

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