Everyone is Life’s Messenger

July 2013

Recently I have chosen to be a conscious messenger of life and declared it so. Over the ages there has been a terrible miss-communication. This miss-communication has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Relatively speaking, only a few of us over time have been able to hear a different message and send it out into the world. Now is the time for this to change if we truly wish to see a change in our personal and collective lives and save humanity.

This mistaken message alone has been the cause of the most heartache humanity has endured. The message itself does not allow room for new possibilities or allow for new concepts to grow. This is exactly why on a collective level history is repeating itself.

This error in message has taken most everyone’s power away from them and placed it somewhere it is not -out side of themselves. This is why we continue to blame God, The Devil (if this creature could actually exist), people of other color and nationality, people of other beliefs and values, for our state of being powerless, which is a state of being a victim. Because we see our power outside of ourselves we seek to gain it from others through force, control, domination, fear, and acts of physical, verbal, ¬†and emotional violence. I am a trained killer and I am here to tell you that NO ONE WINS IN A FIGHT, NO ONE.

So, we are lost with the blind leading the blind, repeating a nightmare that appears to have no end in sight. I bring wonderful news if you but listen. This mistaken message that you have been told to be truth was here before you were. The world around you was built on this message and you have learned to adapt to it in order to survive in the most basic way possible. This message is a message of separatism, exclusivity, and loneliness. This message has told you that you are power less to change anything in life and that you must endure and suffer until you meet your maker in the after-life and face your judgment. This message is incorrect and it is not serving humanity as a whole.

The message you have not been able to listen to is that everyone is a messenger of life itself and that everyone has their own authority on the matters of life. We are all co-creating this experience on Earth. We are not apart from Life, Nature, Our Self’s, Each other, and our conditions on Earth we have created; We are One with all of this. I tell you this, no book or persons are ever needed, you do not need anything outside of your heart to guide you through this life to have a joyful experience. You are powerful beyond your current imagining because you can only imagine a life built on this old message. You cannot have the new message in your experience.

You have been and always will be expressing your Life to Life, thus an creating an individual and collective Life experience. You may do this by consciously using your free will or by going about how you always have and unconsciously telling the world (Life) about this old message. The outside Life is just a reflection of your inner state of being. When we claim our birthright, Freedom, and use it to create inner peace we will then see world peace.

Be Free and Love Freely!

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