Declaration for humanity

July 2013

Declaration for Humanity

People of the World, my brothers and sisters, I come here, right now, before you with a message. My message is about Oneness, true power, and what your heart is seeking to find. I invite you to open all of your being that you may not only hear the words with your ears but feel its vibration with in the core of who you are. Thank you for tuning in with your essence.

In the past WE have taught ourselves to be separated from the divine and from ourselves. WE have been teaching each other division and righteousness.  Through our division and righteousness WE have given our power away to stories of the past and hopes for the future. WE have been slaying each other over mistaken ideas about our identity for thousands of years. Hear me now.

I ask you, who has drawn up the borders of the Earth? Who has made our laws? Who sends our children off to misguided wars? Who came up with this idea of “ownership”? Who has created our religions and mythologies?  Who forces you into a social class? Who uses subjugation against others for personal gain? Who has decided who gets to eat and who does not? Who has let government after government exploit mankind’s way of life? Who has been sticking their heads in the sand? Who allows domestic, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse to escalate in our homes?  Who has been breeding fear, hate, violence, and crisis all these years? Who has let themselves become victim to this inhumane way of life?

This list can go on and on and does. The answer is WE the people of Earth have been letting this happen to us by us. By allowing this kind of abuse, WE have all agreed that this is how life is meant to be. This has been a life chosen by humanity, and WE keep making this choice over and over again. You may say “but ‘They’ told us how life is; ‘They’ know the meaning of life” –“They” who came before you. I ask you, who are “They” to tell us how to be, now?

Now is a time for choosing again, right now in this moment. Our choice is “They”, or WE. “They” from the past can guide us into a nightmare greater then WE have yet to see or WE the people can choose a life of peace, joy, love, and oneness. WE have given our power to “They”. I tell you, WE have the power Now. WE have the power to tear down the borders WE have placed upon the Earth. WE have the power to make laws that reflect a life of Oneness. WE have the power NOT to send our beautiful children off to yet another war of exploitation.

WE have the power to share all of the planet’s resources to feed, clothe, shelter, and provide every human with the basic dignities of life. WE have the power to expand on old beliefs, to make them function for us, not “They”. WE have the power to hold our governing bodies to our standards of living so that “They” will never use human exploitation for the good of the few again. WE have the power to stand up to all forms of domestic abuse in our homes. WE have the power to see the best in each other. WE have the power to make a stand for peace, love, joy, and Oneness. I call upon us to express our highest truth: the truth of absolute freedom. Absolute freedom is the freedom to stand in the face of darkness and shine our light upon it; the freedom to take care of each other in times of need and suffering; in the times of subjugation, to keep each other free from those who oppress our born right to personal freedom; the freedom that lends a helping hand to those in need, for WE all have needed that hand at one point or another; the freedom to allow our definition of Self to include WE.

“They” have told you that Money is power. That absolute power corrupts absolutely. That Power is to dominate and control with fear. That power is to rule over another. “They” have defined power for you. I am here to dispel the definition of power with which “They” seek to control you. True power is power with one another, not power over one another. True power is holding every human being up to the highest vision they can hold for themselves. True power is in cooperation to intelligently manage the world’s resources for the good of all. True power is in the love you give to your neighbor when they seek comfort. True power is working together to protect nature, the only source of humanity’s survival.

True power lies within your unbound heart—a heart free to love without expectation, a heart free to give without need.  A heart free to give compassion to those who do not know better, but you do. A heart free and willing to move past all forms of fear. A heart free to take this next step out of our comfort zone. A heart free to express the divine within you, free of judgment. WE are all born with this power. The power is within you, the power to say yes to a new way of life on earth. This power is true power, the power of WE, the power of love, and the power of oneness. This is what your heart seeks to find. It is this power that will elevate humanity to the next stage in evolution. It is this power I ask you now to embrace to your fullest. Use this power in your darkest hour and in your neighbor’s darkest hour.

The times ahead look to be growing darker. In order for us to have power, WE must shine light upon these dark times, no matter how dark it appears to be, so WE may let others know that WE will all be okay after this time passes. WE will all need this true power for ourselves and for those around us more than any other power during this time, more than any social system “They” have put in place. Know this: “They” are to be included in this power of WE. “They” are not the enemy. “They” have carried us to this moment of glory and self-realization. “They” have made painful sacrifices to move us here. These souls have sacrificed themselves so WE may see our true power of WE. “They” are to be shown gratitude and compassion for leading us to this glorious opportunity to show the truth of who WE are.

By remembering that We have been agreeing to this way of life this whole time by means of apathy, dis-empowerment, and massive inaction as a humanity we can give compassion to “They”in doing so we give Compassion to We. Compassion is love in action for giving space for new possibilities not holding on to the past and as we give this space to “They”, “They” too can experience the truth of who We are.

WE are One and Oneness starts with you.

Be Free and Love Freely.