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Introduction of Ashzar and his services to creation

In my training while I was working with my clients it was suggested many times that Ashzar is so much more than a tool to be used in my unique intuitive story telling spiritual guidance.  A few suggestions were a major motion picture trilogy as well as children’s books.  These ideas are also in conjunction with my original inspiration to create a divine comedy for beings within this work of working with light and Spirit.

I am open to the idea that this comes as it will best suit its intention which is to spread the principles of universal law and unity consciousness. I started to write this out for youth and this is the rough idea of the initial scene in which I will introduce Ashzar to be a character in a story.

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Declaration for humanity

July 2013

Declaration for Humanity

People of the World, my brothers and sisters, I come here, right now, before you with a message. My message is about Oneness, true power, and what your heart is seeking to find. I invite you to open all of your being that you may not only hear the words with your ears but feel its vibration with in the core of who you are. Thank you for tuning in with your essence.

In the past WE have taught ourselves to be separated from the divine and from ourselves. WE have been teaching each other division and righteousness.  Through our division and righteousness WE have given our power away to stories of the past and hopes for the future. WE have been slaying each other over mistaken ideas about our identity for thousands of years. Hear me now.

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Using Attention for…

Summer 2013

[This concept is a part of something I teach in my self-defense courses]

Martial Arts is more than teaching how to destroy your “enemy.” Martial Arts stems from the Japanese word Budo. In a nutshell, Budo is the protection of Nature.

“In our selfishness we forget the delicate balance of the dependence of one life form on all others. If everyone applied to nature’s resources a conservation born of respect, love, and understanding, and used them with an attitude of sincere thanksgiving to God, nature would be protected and the quality of life enriched. By protecting nature we protect society. By protecting society we protect ourselves. Self-Defense is protecting and sustaining life. If nature is destroyed, the most fundamental requirement for survival is destroyed. To survive, we must nourish our body. If there is no food, if the water and the air are contaminated, there is no life, no society. This is the essence of Budo. It is not the narrow art of fighting technique, but the art of saving life.”  Mitsugi Saotome

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