"Dear Zac,
I wanted to thank you for the very profound session a few weeks ago.

I have revisited it numerous times in my mind, and that is what I enjoyed so much about it. There was a strong visual component for me in the story and I had the option of relating to it or not. Fortunately I did. I loved the way you very gently offered me the opportunity to "come along" and I felt it was a very loving and genuine offer.

I found that where you led me was a place that felt safe and non-presumptuous on your part while also being intuitively accurate. What you shared felt true and I was given the opportunity to ascertain that for myself, you didn't put anything on me.

I felt that you were very respectful. I have been thinking a lot about the value of your delivery as it allowed for me to engage my own intuition, and collaborate in the experience. I also felt strongly that you conveyed a beautiful message to me from spirit.

With Love"

"When I received a reading by Zac, I could sense and see the vivid descriptions he gave. His guidance was on point, insightful and helped propel me on my journey of self discovery. I highly recommend Zac to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves, their path and wants a glimpse into how beautiful life is from a Universal Star Being point of view."

Leah shenandoah
"Zac Hansen is an angelic being that ignites others through divine guidance, healing energy work and spiritual wisdom. My healing session with him was beautiful. The reiki energy poured forth, as well as, wisdom beyond this dimension that applied to my life. Masterful, enlightening and illumination of consciousness."

Laura P
"Reiki has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I have been a master Reiki healer for over 10 years. I am profoundly impressed with the distant healing sessions I received from Zac.

The experience was more intense than I have received from some healers in person. In addition to receiving this loving energy from Zac I gained a new unique way to send distant Reiki.

Not only did I walk away with healing, I walked away with new knowledge for my own personal healing sessions. I also received a really awe-inspiring spiritual reading to assist me in my current life situation. I love your unique way of storytelling!

Thank you so much for bringing so much love and light into my life!"

Nicole K
"This was the first spiritual reading I'd ever had performed for me. I spent nearly my entire adult life an atheist who didn't believe in any sort of spiritual realm.

Zac, in no small part, has been instrumental in helping me both as a friend and a mentor and I can't say enough good things about my experience with my reading and the Reiki energy work he performed for me.

I noticed a definite physical reaction, a feeling of mental and emotional blockage being loosened, and since my session; I've been able to awake and approach each day with more purpose and more of a connection to the world around me. I very much look forward to our next session."

Jeremiah B. -Olathe, KS
"Zac and I became friends after I started taking his martial arts class. I believe Zac’s passion for martial arts stems from its spiritual focus. In addition to the physical training, we had many discussions concerning spirituality.

Being raised as a Christian, my view was limited to Bible teachings. Over time, this left me with a lot of unanswered questions. Zac helped me find answers to those questions with a kind understanding and a message of unconditional love. Zac also gave me a reading that was very enlightening and comforting.
Thank you so much Zac!"


"I had been struggling with a life issue for quite some time. Asking questions, waiting for answers.

Zac’s reading was just what my heart had been searching for. Direction and release!
His style is creative and fun! Many layers of clarity emerge and keep appearing for days after.

Grateful to have Zac in my spiritual back pocket for the future! "

Cindy P


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