Reiki Master Energy Healing

Reiki Master, Intuitive Story Teller, Spiritual Seer and Coach

The Man Behind Ashzar ~

I am Zac Hansen, Certified Reiki Master, Seer, Intuitive Story Teller, Spiritual Coach and Martial Arts Instructor with years of experience and training. My path has not been easy but it has led me home to a life of joy, unconditional love and Oneness with the Universe (or All That Is). Along the way I have discovered my gifts of energy healing and intuition. My passion is to use these gifts to support others on their path of remembrance, as each individual steps into the grandest visions of one’s self.

As I teach, I learn. Therefore, I give honor to those who have helped me along my journey. As I evolve into the fullest version of my being I am able to assist humanity with greater impact.

I have studied with Shipibo indigenous healers of the rainforest of Peru, plant spirits, and Award-winning author and Spiritual Visionary, Sheila Applegate .  My extensive Martial Arts training has assisted me in mastering the mind to bring up and heal unconscious thought patterns or belief systems that no longer serve me.  Throughout my life, I have been given many gifts including Reiki healing, Spiritual Vision and Gnosis. Through my Gnosis, I have experienced an extended period of non-dual state of consciousness as well as vivid glimpses into my future and my soul’s purpose. Through these experiences, I have discovered my unique way of sharing my gifts as a Spiritual Seer and healer.

Ashzar Adventures  are spiritual readings that engage clients to participate in their own adventure. Through vivid and intuitive storytelling, I guide clients through deep insights and healing, offering a relevant parable to assist clients in integrating the messages into their current life situations.

As a Spiritual Coach, I encourage people to move into their personal truth and power by creating an energetic space of harmony that supports greater awareness, clearing, balance, and connection with ones higher self. I use my training, intuition, expertise, and life experience to offer guidance to all who seek my assistance.

My main focus with my healing gifts and insights is to see that unity consciousness (Oneness) is achieved by both individuals and humanity’s collective consciousness.

Compassion to me is about sharing my authentic self  as a conduit,  giving birth to a space which allows others to be connected with their own humility and authenticity, shining the inner light on the unfolding path before them.

My Path So Far