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Summer 2013

[This concept is a part of something I teach in my self-defense courses]

Martial Arts is more than teaching how to destroy your “enemy.” Martial Arts stems from the Japanese word Budo. In a nutshell, Budo is the protection of Nature.

“In our selfishness we forget the delicate balance of the dependence of one life form on all others. If everyone applied to nature’s resources a conservation born of respect, love, and understanding, and used them with an attitude of sincere thanksgiving to God, nature would be protected and the quality of life enriched. By protecting nature we protect society. By protecting society we protect ourselves. Self-Defense is protecting and sustaining life. If nature is destroyed, the most fundamental requirement for survival is destroyed. To survive, we must nourish our body. If there is no food, if the water and the air are contaminated, there is no life, no society. This is the essence of Budo. It is not the narrow art of fighting technique, but the art of saving life.”  Mitsugi Saotome

Part of learning Martial Arts is learning the deeper meaning of Life and how everything is connected. In doing so your practice in the “Dojo” spills over to your everyday Life, providing for a richer Life experience.

I am going to point your attention to a part of your awareness you may or may not have ever thought of or heard about. You are a vibrational being. This is actually scientifically proven as fact. First lets talk about a universal law -the Law of Vibration a.k.a The Law of Attraction. Some of you may have seen movie “The Secret” or have heard about this by some other means. This information may be a first to some but it is no matter because we will be reviewing some of this information for the benefit of the group.

I’m sure everyone here has heard the term “birds of a feather flock together.” This is a parable phrase to teach this concept to the average person in the past. What this means is that like energy attracts like energy. What you are is an energy being and all energy is always in a state of movement or Vibration. Everything you think you are made of is vibration and all vibrations come through the universal mind.

Thoughts are actually “things” they can be measured as a vibration or frequency. The sum total of who you think you are now and have ever been or will be. plus all of the experiences you have manifested through you, are just a collaborations of any thoughts you have ever had about who you are.

Thoughts are first; Thought creates emotion which is energy in motion, and it is a vibration. Now, back to the like energy attracts like energy. By using your mind to pull thoughts through to your space and creating emotion, you place your being in a certain frequency based on the emotion you have created with your thoughts. In doing so you are attracting like energies. With enough vibrational reinforcement your frequency becomes your experience or reality.

I’m bringing this up to you because the more you think about and feel something terrible happening to you the more likely the experience will be. You are creating consciously or unconsciously- the choice is yours. Just remember you are always making the choice. First and foremost I suggest monitoring your thoughts and rejecting any notion that creates the emotion of fear within you.

Always be mindful of your “gut” feelings as well as where you are placing yourself and who is around you. Awareness is your first level of “defense” and if you mind your mind, you will find yourself only creating peace wherever you place your self.

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