The Adventures of Ashzar

Welcome to “The Adventures of Ashzar”!

Greetings Earth Beings~ I am Ashzar ~ Messenger for the Earth
Join me on a Galactic Adventure of Self Discovery that will both Delight and Transform you!

As your tour guide, I will take you to the edges of the Universe and the depth of your soul. Together we will discover what inspires you. We will remove obstacles to your joy and help you claim the life of passion you are meant to live.

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The Birth of Ashzar~

Splish! Splash! I was takin’ a bubble bath. Being in a very relaxed state, I started to feel playful like a child (always wonderful). In my playfulness I began to make fun of this whole process of life and working with Spirit. (I like to laugh and this includes laughing at myself too!) With childlike imagination, I crowned myself “Ashzar King of the Miracle Suds”. Off into space I went, in my galactic space ship (my bath tub) to see the stars. So began “The Adventures of Ashzar”.

Ashzar represents many things to me. I see him as the alter ego of Ashtar, an honored Galactic Being who assists in the Earth’s evolution. I resonate deeply with the Spirit of Ashtar and consider him to by one of my closest guides on my earth journey. Ashzar embodies all of the knowledge and insights of his Galactic counterpart Ashtar, but with a flair for human fumbling that allows him to act as a mirror on our journey of self discovery.

Ashzar lightheartedly brings awareness of all our short comings, frustrations, and forgetfulness along this path as he comically reminds us not to take this life so seriously. He playfully reminds us that all is truly well.

Ashzar can travel anywhere in creation. Through these adventures he allows me to step into your world to see what you have created and where you are on your sojourn (soul’s journey). Together we can offer you helping hand, a healing, or gentle words of guidance (whatever is in your highest good in that moment) .

Ashzar allows me to tell the tale of creation with stories to help us all remember the divine spark from within, who we are, and how much we are loved.

From the very beginning of my training, I was encouraged by my teacher to “tell me a story”. Little did I know this unceasing encouragement would lead me to discover my unique way of bringing loving guidance and messages to people from the spirit world.

On this site you will find my services, personal blogs, stories of Ashzar, and anything else I feel relevant for bringing humanity back to the truth of who we are.